Breakfast Menu

Single Serve (covid safe) Whippletree Breakfast


savory breakfast biscuit

Cheddar and green onions
Mexicana jalapeño
Brie and apple
Pear & gorgonzola
Fresh basil & parmesan

$3.00/ each + tax


large freshly baked a.m.

Ordered ½ dozen minimum per flavour

Classic blueberry
Carrot & fig
Cashew coconut
Strawberry white chocolate
Apple Cinnamon
Banana chocolate chip

$3.00/ each + tax


puff pastry with fruit filling and drizzled with sweet cream

Black raspberry
Apple maple

$4.00/ each + tax

Granola parfaits

Layered homemade granola, fresh berries, yogurt and Esterhazy compote

$3.50/ each + tax


Baked fresh Quiche is a prepared egg pie
6 slices per pie
  • smoked salmon, dill, cream cheese
  • smoked ham green onion & cheddar
  • lorraine: ham, onion, dijon, Swiss
  • green goddess veggie: fresh basil, green onion, spinach, goat cheese, pesto

$5.50/ slice + tax

Chia pudding

Coconut vanilla flavored gluten free, vegan

$4.00/ each + tax


$5.00 in town for orders over $15.00

Cinnamon buns

sticky buns: baked fresh

  • cream cheese with cinnamon sprinkle —
    $3.00 / piece + tax
  • cream cheese with maple & trailblazers nut mix —
    $4.25 / piece + tax
  • salted caramel sticky buns —
    $3.00 / piece + tax
  • amaretto sticky —
    $3.00 / piece + tax
  • toasted almond —
    $3.00 / piece + tax
  • coconut —
    $3.00 / piece + tax


Pair your breakfast selections with any of our many drinks options, brewed Caliber coffee, premium tea selections, locally brewed kombucha, sparkling water or any of our espresso beverages.

Whippletree is proud to showcase our freshly baked from scratch in house treats, sandwiches, snacks, salads and of course our exceptional coffee. When we don’t make it ourselves we pride ourselves in partnering with FANTASTIC saskatchewan talent.