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Butter Chicken

Maid Marien’s Catering – Esterhazy, SK

Ingredient list:

Butter chicken
Chicken thighs skin on
Plain yogurt
Garam marsala
Lil bit of cream
2 fresh tomatoes
1 small can of tomato paste
Fresh garlic
Fresh ginger
1 onion
Salt and peps
Basmati or jasmine rice
*** were going to talk about making your own variation of Naan but we may run low on time. So you may want to buy some


Chicken Gumbo

Maid Marien’s Catering – Esterhazy, SK

Hey friends here’s your ingredients list:

1 full roasting chicken (cook the day before) Handful of okra
2 fresh tomatoes
1 large onion
3 stalks celery
2 medium sized carrots or
2 green bell peppers
Chili powder
Some fresh or dried oregano
A cup of converted rice
1 large can or crushed tomatoes
2 litres of veg or chicken stock
2 jalapenos ***file powder(only if you can find it)
Fresh garlic
Dried thyme

If you’re cooking chicken gumbo with me you should roast your chicken ahead of time to allow it to be fully cooked and cooled. For a 3-5lb bird 1.preheat oven to 500 F. 2. Dry a fully thawed chicken with paper towel or a cloth. Then an even coat of butter or vegetable oil salt and pepper over the entire outside 3. Place breast side up in a roasting pan raised up above the bottom of pan. You can use a roasting grate or mirepoix for in hot oven. Turn bird around after 7 minutes and cook for another 7 minutes. Then turn oven temp to 325 F and cook for approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Until internal temperature reaches 165 F.

Souptorial - thai coconut chicken and rice

This week on Maid Marien’s cooking channel we will be diving into the basics, dos and dont’s of the wonderful world of soup. Our feature recipe: thai coconut chicken and rice!

Who’s getting fresh tonight? Let’s learn about the world of soup and why it bring us closer together. If anyone is looking for special ingredients for our Thai soup night I have it on good authority that @TYCHE&HEBE in Esterhazy, SK, will be around to help you out.

Shopping list:

2 cans coconut milk
2 liters chicken or
vegetable stock
3 fresh limes
4 oz fish sauce
Fresh cilantro
Fresh jalapeño
Fresh mint
Chili flakes
1/2 lb chicken ( thighs)
3 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sambal oelek

Roasted Chicken And Risotto

Shopping list:

1 3-3.5 lb chicken (serves 4)
Mirepoix: onions 2
Carrots 3 small
Celery 2 ribs
1.5 L Vegetable or chicken stock. ( bonus points for making home made)
Arborio rice

***side vegetable of choice ( I’d go broccoli, brussel sprouts or green beans)

Don’t forget to take your chickens out! Must be fully thawed and at room temperature by 4:30.
(Take thawed chicken out of fridge around 4)
When your meat is at room temperature before cooking it will stay juicier, cook more evenly, and quicker.

Chicken Jagerschnitzel And Spaetzle

Shopping List:

Chicken breasts skinless
Veg or chicken stock
Little tiny cream
Oil for frying
A bit of butter
Peas! Or carrots for side veg!

Heads up for equipment:
Large pot for frying
Something for making spaetzle– can be a large hole box grater or flat bottomed colander or perforated pan. Even a pastry bag with a tiny tip!
Mixer with dough hook(you can knead by hand this just is faster)
Large pan for sauce

We will get messy but it is soooooo worth it!!!

Classic Ratatouille

A beautiful vegan and gluten free dish of fresh herbs and vegetables colour and flavour, that is sure to excite the palate.
Mostly it is fun to create! 

Shopping List:

Serves 4 to 6🔪
2.5 lb eggplant🍆
3 zucchini🥒
Olive oil
Large white onion
1 lb tomatoes🍅
Fresh parsley
Fresh basil( dried is good too)
Fresh thyme( dried is fine)

Hey everybody just a heads up before our class begins we need to cut and salt our eggplant.
1 to 3 hours before ratatouille:
Cut eggplant into 1 inch cubes, toss eggplant in 1 tbsp kosher salt. Then place cubed salted eggplant in colander and set over large bowl to let liquid drain.

*** I like to serve my ratatouille alongside a nice crusty bread or French loaf.