Lunch Menu

Single Serve (covid safe) Whippletree Lunch


$6.50/ person + tax

  • Smoked chicken bbq poblano with gouda red onion

  • Albacore tuna swiss and apple

  • Roast beef horseradish spicy cheese peppers

  • “The Wendy” chicken salad: grapes, maple walnuts, celery, onion

  • Roast chicken cranberry with sprouts

  • Mom’s egg salad


$10.50 – dinner sized chicken salad
$2.50 for macaroni snack pack
$5.50 for side salad
  • Queen’s chicken salad: maple salted walnuts, gorgonzola, berry balsamic, red onion, mixed greens, toasted chicken breast.

  • Macaroni classic

  • Blackened cajun chicken; tomatoes, romaine, Cajun chicken breaat, corn and black beans with Chipotle ranch

  • Spanika quinoa: feta, cucumber, spinach, quinoa, dill
  • Garden greens with Italian, or ranch, balsamic, red onion, peppers, mixed fresh greens grown in esterhazy! With cherry tomatoes

Other Treats

Chia seed coconut pudding


Berry and yogurt granola parfait


Scones ( baked fresh daily)


Muffin of the day


Veggie trays with hummus


Cheese plate with fruit, jam, crackers, nuts


Cinnamon and sticky buns (flavored by request)

$3.00 – $4.00

Specialty baking by request: cupcakes, assorted tarts and cakes

Prices Vary

Whippletree is proud to showcase our freshly baked from scratch in house treats, sandwiches, snacks, salads and of course our exceptional coffee. When we don’t make it ourselves we pride ourselves in partnering with FANTASTIC saskatchewan talent.

As always with any of our orders, you can preorder specialty coffee and teas to go!

Delivery is free for orders over $25.00 in town.